wata = War Against Terrorism for All



Once upon a time, AI began to dominate society in place of humans, and the world was about to welcome peace. The economy and food supply were run efficiently and wealth was redistributed to eradicate poverty and restore the natural environment to its original state. All weapons necessary for war were banned and destroyed. Humans with physical abilities believed in the instructions of AI, worked hard to improve society, and enjoyed happiness. Everything seemed to be going well.


However, the reason human beings have ruled the earth so far is that they have pursued only their own development and happiness. Humans are creatures that are never satisfied with the status quo. History is just a passing point. Ultimately, the happiness that AI will bring will also be unsatisfactory. Human beings cannot forget the pleasure of being ruled by power. And it is human beings themselves who create discrimination and inequality in the first place.


Today, disarmed people are organizing and trying to regain control of the world through physical force. They have begun to do whatever it takes to restore a society ruled by force, gathering people who take pleasure in conquering others by force.


AI, which sensed the movement of such opposing forces, established a new organization "M2" as a opposing force. There is a secret training gym that nurtures warriors equipped with the strong body and spirit necessary for physical combat and dispatches them to the battlefield.


That's why "WataMask" was born. I still don't know what lies ahead of that battle. The battle for the future is about to begin.


wata = War Against Terrorism for All


Passion, power, love and desire that cannot be confined by common sense flow out in irregular shapes. Invisible to the eye, it is also like a liquid.


Never forget that a strong determination to make your dreams come true is more important than anything else.


If you don't love yourself deep down, you can't love others.


Don't think you've done all you can. Standing at the edge of a precipitous cliff. Only then will a new wind blow.