I'm creating a website with the aim of preserving my knowledge as a video artist and my past works as a record. Here, I'm introducing various genres of video works and striving to give you all a feel for the "appeal of video production," so please enjoy.




Clipping and archiving works on TikTok !

After joining a video production company, he gained experience in various video production sites as a production manager.


In the planning and production department, he is involved in the planning, composition and production of music videos, concert videos, commercials and corporate VPs. As an in-house director, he directs numerous works such as Hideaki Tokunaga's Kowarekake no Radio.


After starting his own video production company, he directed music videos for Every Little Thing, SPEED, DREAMS COME TRUE, Ayumi Hamasaki, Hikaru Utada, L'Arc-en-Ciel, and Morning Musume. , Aya Matsuura, Mariya Takeuchi, Tatsuro Yamashita, THE ALFEE, Yaen, BoA, AKB48, HKT48 and many other hit music videos. He directs TV commercials for the artist in charge, picture images for stage production, and concert recording.

In 1997 he produced about 100 music videos a year. Many awards.


TV commercials include panasonic LUMIX series, Takeda Pharmaceutical Benzablock series, Nissan Karina series, SRIXON "Ryo Ishikawa" and "Hideki Matsuyama" Z-STAR series, Toyota Hilux Surf His series, KOSE Visse series, Universal Studios Japan, etc.


Nissan's motor show video production in each country


He also works on CG works such as 4D theater images of theme parks and attractions using VR.



In addition to planning and directing video works, he is also engaged in work design that changes the work styles of creators and young people at local governments and universities.

ミュージックビデオを中心にCMや様々なジャンルの映像作品を世に出す映像監督 手掛けた作品は数多くのヒット曲ミュージックビデオやCMなど1000本以上






映像制作会社を独立後、ミュージックビデオ ディレクターとして、Every Little Thing、SPEED、DREAMS COME TRUE、浜崎あゆみ、宇多田ヒカル、L'Arc-en-Ciel、モーニング娘。、松浦亜弥、竹内まりや、山下達郎、THE ALFEE、野猿、BoA 、AKB48、HKT48ほか、数多くのヒット曲のミュージックビデオを企画演出。担当アーティストのTVCMやステージ演出用映像、コンサート収録の演出

97年は年間約100本のミュージックビデオを演出 受賞歴多数


TVCMではpanasonic LUMIXシリーズ武田薬品 ベンザブロックシリーズNissen 香里奈シリーズSRIXON 「石川 遼」「松山英樹」Z-STARシリーズTOYOTA ハイラックスサーフ シリーズKOSE Visse シリーズ、ユニバーサル スタジオ ジャパンなど










panasonic / TOYOTA / HONDA / SRIXON / USJ / nissen / KOSE / 武田薬品工業 / Meiji
Music Video  

poker face / YOU / Trust / WHATEVER / LOVE~Destiny~ / TO BE / Boys&Girls / A song for XX / appears / Fly high / vogue / Far away / SEASONS / SURREAL / M / evolution / NEVER EVER / Endless sorrow / Dearest / Daybreak / Free & Easy / Humming 7/4 / JEWEL / my name's WOMAN / fairyland / HEAVEN / RAINBOW / Sweet scar

Addicted to you / Wait & See〜リスク〜 / For you / タイムリミット / Prisoner Of Love / 花束を君に
winter fall / DIVE TO BLUE / HONEY / snow drop / Driver's High / finale / READY STEADY GO
Every Little Thing
Feel My Heart / Future World / Dear My Friend / Shapes Of Love / Time goes by / NECESSARY / Over and Over / Someday,Someplace / Pray / sure / Rescue me / 愛のカケラ / ON AND ON
White Love / my graduation / Long Way Home / Walking in the rain
BINGO! / そこで犬のウンチ踏んじゃうかね? / ハステとワステ / キスまでカウントダウン / 君は気まぐれ / 性格の悪い女の子 / マドンナの選択
既読スルー / 控えめI love you !
Never Say Never / 未来へつなげ / COSMIC MAGIC STARS / Stay Gold / はなまるぴっぴはよいこだけ / 全力バタンキュー / Cotona MODE / 初恋Hello注意報 / 希望TRAVELER / あのね、君だけに / 自転車に花は舞う / Another World / 君氏危うくも近うよれ / まぼろしウインク/ 愛がなくちゃ戦えない / 恋に咲く謎、はらはらと
悦楽カメリア / Silent Bible / METRO BAROQE
LISTEN TO MY HEART / Every Heart-ミンナノキモチ- / VALENTI / 奇蹟 / No.1 / JEWEL SONG / Shine We Are ! / DOUBLE / 抱きしめる
朝がまたくる / なんて恋したんだろう
天使のため息 / 真夜中のナイチンゲール / ノスタルジア / 返信 / シンクロ二シティ(素敵な偶然)/ 幸せのものさし / 静かな伝説(レジェンド)
ザ☆ピース! / Mr.Moonlight〜愛のビッグバンド〜 / そうだ!We're ALIVE / Do it Now / AS FOR ONE DAY / シャボン玉 / 女子かしまし物語 / 涙が止まらない放課後 / THE マンパワー‼︎!/ 大阪 恋の歌 / Ambitious! 野心的でいいじゃん
ドッキドキ!LOVEメール / トロピカ〜ル恋して〜る / LOVE涙色 / 100回のKISS / ♡桃色片想い♡ / Yeah!めっちゃホリディ / GOOD BYE 夏男 / THE LAST NIGHT / 奇跡の香りダンス。 / 渡良瀬橋 / ずっと好きでいいですか
Get down / 叫び / SNOW BLIND / Be cool ! / Selfish / 夜空を待ちながら / First impression / Chicken guys / 太陽の化石 / star
Hungry Spider
YES MY LOVE / 風の中のおまえ

Video works

↓ 過去作品をアーカイブして解説してます

I will capture my work and keep it.

↓ 作品の一場面をキャプチャーしてAIで高画質化したPhotoGalleryです

NIRGILIS / sakura


My favorite work I made 17 years ago has been officially re-uploaded, so I'll introduce it. At that time, it was my first session with them, but I decided to do this project because I was worried about "music and images being consumed in mass production". The CRT TV factory in the setting was designed by a paper craft artist and produced in CG. The video project is an experimental work aiming for a chemical reaction that is different from the world of lyrics. I threw it into the river with the hope that it would be picked up by people who like music and movies.






I responded to the difficult request from her to shoot her real self without acting.


A technique called one-shot shooting with a multi-camera. I shot a realistic reaction in the setting where she confronts for the first time. The scene is unimaginably tense and has a wonderful atmosphere, and there is no assumption or anything in each section. Can you do it or can you do it? It was such a serious match.








I wanted to make an endless MV to capture the world view of the song. And I decided to pack the four seasons that everyone visits on the time axis. A motion control camera "Milo" is used for continuous images, and all materials are shot without using any CG. Using a 35mm Film camera. The whole look of the video is a tribute to Zbigniew Rybczynski's Tango, which I loved.

I went to New York with a bullet for 3 days and 1 night for the project presentation to them. Ms. Nakamura came to pick us up at the airport, and in the car, she passionately told us how much Miwa Yoshida is a treasure for Dreamcomb, which left an impression on us. I made a project storyboard like a picture scroll and proposed an endless music video. The meeting place was Mr. Nakamura's New York apartment, and it seems that David Bowie was living on the lower floor at the time.


歌の世界観を映像にするために終わりの無いMVにしたかった。そして時間軸に誰もに訪れる四季を詰め込むことにした。連続していく映像にモーションコントロールカメラ「マイロ」を使用し、CGは一切使わず全ての素材を撮影している。35mm Filmカメラを使用。映像全体のルックは大好きだったズビグニュー・リプチンスキーのTangoをオマージュしている。


宇多田ヒカル / 花束を君に


It was the first session with Hikaru Utada in about six years. The MV for this song, which describes her feelings for her late mother, was decided based on her desire to make it as private as possible. Tear color is a color with nothing, so the whole story is monochrome. In order to create a sense of privacy, I set the camera on my own and valued the sense of distance. She thereby witnessed her overflowing emotions and realized that her many experiences had made her life dense. Set in an old apartment near the sea in a rural portuguese town.





浜崎あゆみ / JEWEL


As the title suggests, I wanted to create a sparkling and surprising image, so I set it to sing in a landscape made of diamonds. I wanted a feeling of physical quantity of diamonds that I had never seen, so I filled the images with real diamonds (security guards were needed at the time of shooting) and CG. I made a large art on a large turntable (for car photography) to give the diamond a glittering feeling, and slowly rotated it to produce a change in light. I'm using a 35mm Film camera. Personally, I like the scene where Ayu's eyes on the second chorus are likened to a diamond. The presence of Ayumi Hamasaki, who is outstandingly shining in the world filled with diamonds, is amazing.


タイトルのとおりキラキラしてハッとするような映像にしたくて、ダイヤモンドでできている風景の中で歌っている設定にした。見たことのないダイヤの物量感が欲しくて、本物のダイヤ(撮影時に警備員が必要だった)やCGで映像を埋め尽くしている。ダイヤのキラキラ感を出すために大型のターンテーブル(車の撮影用)の上に大型の美術を作り、ゆっくりと回転させて光の変化を演出した。35mm Filmカメラを使用している。個人的には2コーラス目のあゆの瞳をダイヤに見立てたシーンがお気に入り。ダイヤで埋め尽くした世界の中でもひときわ輝いている浜崎あゆみの存在感が凄い。


L'ArcenCiel / HONEY


It is one of the most memorable works I have created with them. This is a rare piece for me, as the title inspired the color of the entire video. At that time, I was shocked to see the 360-degree camera work in the Vogue footage created by photographer Peter Lindbergh. This method, which seeks the degree of freedom of angle, is a unique concept for photographers. It also has a sense of drive, and I wanted to shoot a rock band with this technique. It's a simple project with colors and camera work, but I think I was able to express the music and band feeling well.



彼らと数々作り上げた作品の中で思い入れのある作品です。タイトルから映像全体の色をインスパイアされた僕にとって珍しい作品です。当時、フォトグラファーであるPeter Lindberghの作ったVogueの映像で360度回るカメラワークを見て衝撃を受けていました。アングルの自由度を求めるこの手法はフォトグラファーならではの発想なのでしょう。またドライブ感もありこの手法でロックバンドを撮りたいと思っていました。色とカメラワークというシンプルな企画ですが楽曲やバンド感がうまく表現できたと思っています。


宇多田ヒカル / Prisoner Of Love


The story was until the song was completed. She created a private space in the shooting studio and brought her personal belongings (equipment, etc.). She wanted to draw as realistically as possible what kind of process she was making the music, so she asked her to move around freely and freely, aiming for facial expressions from various angles. The cameras were shot with multiple cameras (3 units) to give a documentary feel. I'm using 35mm film.


楽曲が完成するまでをストーリーにした。撮影スタジオにプライベート空間を作り彼女の私物(機材等)を持ち込んだ。どんなプロセスで楽曲を作っているのかできるだけリアルに描きたかったため、なるべく自由に好き勝手に気ままに動き回ってもらい、様々な角度から表情を狙っている。カメラはドキュメンタリー感を出すためにマルチカメラ(3台)で撮影。35mm Filmを使用している。


矢沢永吉 / 風の中のおまえ


I worked for the first time in Corona last year. I wanted to make a video that connects the past and the present, so I requested to take a microphone turn. A face shield with a gentle expression, a hot handshake to me in the mask. "I'll leave the details to you," said the superstar. Later, I asked the staff that they had carefully prepared training for the music video. During the shooting, it was the first time in my life that tears couldn't stop. I don't know why. Create a circular stage and shoot performances from 360 ° with a multi-camera. With a 4: 3 angle of view to match past footage.








1. 凄みを持つこと




2. 本当にそれなのか?




3. 人を操る




4. 新しいコトを常に考える




5. 丁寧な仕事を心掛けること




6. 怠けるな




7. 細かなところに神は宿る




8. 全てが作品だと思え






Recommendations for Eizodo

1. to be terrifying


How much you can stick to the intuitive and vague "beautiful". The planning, image quality, lighting, camera work, acting, and finishing must all be "beautiful." And try again and again. The dreadfulness makes the work shine even more.


2. Is it really?


Whether it's the directing method or the shooting method, I ask myself if it's really good. It is important to get into the habit of verifying what is best and why it is not possible. Judgments stop evolution. Sometimes life gets worse.  


3. Manipulate


The film is based on the premise that "it cannot be made by just one person." There is a limit that cannot be reached without the help of many people, including performers, technical staff, and creators. The ability to manipulate people is important before creativity. First of all, if you can't win the hearts of people around you, you can't make a work that grabs people's hearts.  


4. Always think of new things


Anyway, be sure to include one thing that you have never done. Other people can do it. Don't stop evolving.  


5. Keep in mind to work carefully


As long as you are a craftsman, you must be polite in everything. And of course, don't forget to be bold. The larger the scale of the work, the more bold and detailed the texture is required. It may be an act contrary to the dynamism of video expression, but it is also important to be a coward.  


6. Don't be lazy


Creative's greatest enemy is the feeling of "troublesomeness." Even if you don't have it in your heart, if even one of the staff has that feeling, you can't reach the ultimate.  


7. God is in the details


Even if no one notices, you should be thoroughly obsessed with it. The creative god resides there.  


8. Think of everything as a work


Think of all creations that leave your hand as works. The same goes for proposals, production storyboards, and photos and texts posted on SNS.

A handmade collection with a masked man motif developed by artist wataru. Each has its own identity and aims to be discovered in a wide range of SNS worlds. In its purest form, WataMask_ID is the art of identity. 

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